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Alpha Billiards is a professional pool table game and billiard service in Indiana & Illinois. We specialize in pool table moving / relocation, installation, breakdowns, recovering (cloth re-felting), re-rubber and cue repair.

Alpha Billiards company has proudly served this cue game industry since 2003; catering to most of Indiana & Illinois for select pool table/billiards services. Our Indiana & Illinois pool table services are not far from you. Call 765-881-0160 for help!

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Pool tables are not meant to be moved without breaking them down to multiple pieces ( 3 pieces of slate, bed, rails, legs, skirt, etc.) Breaking it down in the right steps is essential and trying to move it with 3-4 men can be hazardous to the table and men moving it. Paying the extra money to have a professional move it is worth it, and may prevent multiple types of accidents that could happen to you or the table. Setting the table back up is even more technical in nature than breaking it down with many tricks involved to have the pool table installed right. With over 13 years experience, save yourself the hassle and potential hazard by giving us a call to schedule your pool table moving. Call 765-881-0160 For Help!

Professional Pool Table Movers Since 2003

Alpha Billiards is a professional pool table and billiards moving service in Indiana & Illinois. We specialize in pool table moving / relocation, installation, breakdowns, recovering (cloth re-felting), as well as pool lessons for all ages and levels. Alpha Billiards company has proudly served this cue game industry since 2003; our Indiana & Illinois pool table services are not far from you.


Pool table installation is technical in nature and there are many tricks in the trade to make sure it is done right. Most professionals say it is better to use bees wax over bondo when sealing the seams between the pieces of slate.

Should you use flat stock shims or wedges when leveling the slate? It is always best to use flat stock shims, but unfortunately some tables are poorly designed and it necessary to use wedges.

Do you glue or staple the cloth? It is best to staple when the pool tables design allows, and only glue when the design will not allow for stapling.

Do you have a machinist level that has 1/1000 degree tolerance for leveling the table?

These are things to think about when installing a pool table. Save yourself the trouble and call us at 765-881-0160 to schedule your pool table installation.


Alpha Billiard Service offers professional pool table repair services for Indiana & Illinois business and home owner needs. Our billiard care services include re-felting, replace rubber, releveling, leg and pocket repair.

Billiard Cloth Re-felting

Replacing the pool table cloth is the most frequent issues. Whether your fabric has become worn, torn, faded or you would like to give your pool table a new look, Alpha Billiard Service can help revive your billiard table by replacing the felt on both the pool table bed and rails. You can select the color and type of felt for your pool table; we will remove the cloth, inspect the frame, surface, cushions and make sure the seams are sealed correctly prior to re-felting. Alpha Billiard Service supplies only the highest quality pool table cloth, cushion and replacement parts. We will do our best to help match your desired style; visit our Felt Color Selector page to browse cloth options.

Billiard Table Re-Rubbering

Some times a pool table needs new rubber placed on the rails. One of two things can happen to the rubber, it can become hard or mushy. You might first notice the balls not responding right when they hit the rails. Feel the rubber with your hands and press firmly with your fingers, if it is bad it might feel hard like a rock and have lost its elastic quality, or when you press the rubber it slowly regains its shape. Either way the pool table needs new rubber. There are a lot of tricks to putting new rubber on correctly that a lot of installers don’t even know. Make your pool table play like new again, call us to talk about putting new rubber on your table.



Taking a pool table apart is relatively simple when you have done it hundreds of times, but there is a method and order to it. If you don’t have experience or know the methods involved it is easy to break different parts of the pool table. Call us at 765-881-0160 for help with breaking down your pool table.


When you buy a pool cue, there’s more than just chalking and shooting. To make your cue last and to make your playing optimal, you need to take care of your pool cue, including all types of cue repair . Cue Repairs can include cleaning the shaft, grooming the tip, scuffing, shaping and more. When you select Alpha Billiards for your pool cue tip repair or replacement, we always start by centering the shaft in the lathe perfectly. In that way, you can be assured the ferrule cannot be damaged. We then prepare the cue tip including roughing up the glue side of the cue tip. The end of the ferrule is faced perfectly flat so that you may expect a far superior hit. Finally, we cut the tip to the exact diameter of the ferrule and shape the tip so that it is ready for immediate use. As a finishing step to each cue repair, we polish the ferrule and burnish the sides of the tip to insure the cue repair is sealed properly.

Please remember that once the cue repair work has been started there is always the remote possibility that additional defects could be discovered. Should this be the case, the client will be notified before any further cue repair work of any sort continues. If you are shipping your cue to us for a cue repair, please do not send joint protectors as we will not be responsible for them. And when preparing the pool cue for shipment make sure it is thoroughly protected.

Shaft Reconditioning $30

Shaft Resizing $50

Tip Repair and Replacement

Triangle, LePro, & Elk Master Tips - $20

Moori Tips - $30

Kamui Tips - $40

Samsara Jump/Break tips - $35

Ferrule Repair & Replacement

Low Deflection Ferrule (melamine) - $45

Micarta Ferrule - $45

White or Black Phenolic Ferrule - $45

Ivory Ferrule - $90

Call 765-881-0160 For Cue Repair Informaion


Pool Table assembly, installation, and set up; breakdown and disassemble; refelt, resurface, new felt and Recloth; rerubber, rebumper, and new bumpers

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