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What kind of political and religious issues did immigrants experience in the United States? Engage students ina full class discussion on each of the principles found in the Constitution. Ask students to define Federalism from existing knowledge from earlier in the Instructional Task. The french issues.

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After students complete their reading, allow students additional time to review their text evidence and supporting details with a partner to gain a deeper understanding of their notes and determine the best way to share their information during class discussion.

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Northern Securities Company to control a group of major railroads, President Theodore Roosevelt authorized a successful Sherman Antitrust Act suit to break up the merger.

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American masculinity, and excused it as a natural event in the unfolding of human evolution. Numbers on maps apparently refer to tracts of land previously claimed or occupied by the Sioux Indians. Duties were placed on sugar and molasses imported into the North American colonies from the West Indies.


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Encourage students to take notes on the main ideas from the text on their Examining Colonial Victories in the American Revolution graphic organizerwhile reading.


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Secretary of State, the Secretary and Register of the Treasury, and the Secretary of War. After the rebellion, many leaders began to call for a new government in the United States. Paul Revere Paul Revere did not come from the same social class as the aforementioned patriots. Provide evidence from the text to support your answers. Grand Island, M Calif.

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