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Argue using evidence to support claims that all living things are made of cells. What classes are you taking? Students will plan and conduct an investigation to provide evidence that feedback mechanisms maintain homeostasis.


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What is the probability that a couple will have children with the sickle cell trait? Different proposals forsolutionscan be compared on the basishowwell each one meetsthe specified criteriafor successor how well eachtakestheconstraintsintoaccount. What is the Central Dogma? Clear and reasoning?


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In an interview setting, we asked students to explain how plants grow in two scenarios and to reason through two claims and sets of evidence about the source of matter for plant growth.


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Want to try a CER graphic organizer or hang some colorful posters in your classroom?

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Construct and revise an explanation based on evidence that the processes of photosynthesis, chemosynthesis, and aerobic and anaerobic respiration are responsible for the cycling of matter and flow of energy through ecosystems and that environmental conditions restrict which reactions can occur.

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All of these are examples of hypotheses because they use the tentative word may. Does a scroll target exist? Then decide whether there a claim evidence. To reason through a piece of the example. Ready for a test drive?

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The earth provides these to us for free and they are critical to achieving a planet in balance.

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By explicitly teaching examples of life and Earth's coevolution I strengthen my students' understanding of biological evolution both as a.

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