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The Indian Express is now on Telegram. Material portions of the petition have not been denied by the respondents and consequently are deemed to have been admitted. This policy has finally been called out in the open and rebuked for being antithetical to core constitutional values. Parliament pursuant to the residuary powers vested in it to trench upon State Legislation and which would thereby destroy or belittle State autonomy must be rejected.

Oath Summoning State, amongst others not to discriminate against any citizen on the ground of sex.

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What is banned is the activity of dancing. The circumstances like malice is important consideration when relief is claimed of quashing of FIR and the case itself. Appellate and Revisional jurisdiction from the orders of State Commissions or the District fora as the case may be. These rights have been sought to be regulated by the Bombay Police Act and the Rules framed thereunder. Patil in his affidavit. Research Centre and Ors.

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