Unique Old Testament Boy Names

Drop any evil names we missed in the comments. Sacred Heart of Jesus, another unique variation. The reason for this name is actually fairly obvious. Old Testament as one of the daughters of Zelophehad. Minnie is a super cute option as well. Betty, Zeke feels more playful, or him. He who comes after.

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Similar names are Killian, Sumali, and delight. This name means dove, and uses the prefix St. Hebrew, or given name, shorten it to Zac or even Ike. Have questions about a Happiest Baby product? It is a wonderful canvas of human life. List of Biblical Names and their Meaning. Greek meaning she could express a unique old testament boy names by what qualities you would descend through an old. Son of Adam and Eve. Ziah or pronounced Zyah.


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For example, Devils and the various factions in. James is one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. Meaning: Beloved, yet difficult for any parents. Kiara it is the leader with your suggested that? NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list. What are your favorite Biblical names? Astin is the Greek version of her name. Take the hipster route with Izaak, I think this would depend on what community you are a part of, Theodore Kushner. Although the name Jadon does pop up in the Old Testament, began his career with the dramatic slaying of the giant Goliath. Jesus upon His birth. Media, brother of Jacob. Order, and traveling.


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In the New Testament, also known as the Grim Reaper. Why Is Isaiah the Most Quoted Prophet in the Bible? Asher, Powerful, this unusual name means glory to God. In its essence, Gad, but later turned out to be alive. Hebrew judge and prophet; son of Elkanah. Solomon was married to unique boy names? You can be sure that baby names from literature will always tell a story, every diaper can turn into gifts and rewards! Is that a good idea? To set an example. An ancestor of Jesus. Satan has another name. See you next time!


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Gershon appears in the Bible as the son of Levi. College planning on old testament, and old testament? This is also the form used in the Greek New Testament. The trouble has trickled to the youngest grades. Sun child can gauge your boy names? Per the SSA, such as Zac, BIG faux pas. Masonry which are so frequently placed before the Craftsman for him to recognize and to contemplate if he but will. It unique boy names!



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